Equipment rental

In our equipment rental shop, you will find a large selection of equipment that you can rent for the duration of your vacation! Check out Saivaara Safaris' offers as well! Note! We rent snowmobiles only for use on our safaris.


Warming jacket 15€/day

Helmet 15€/day

Overalls 15€/day

Winter boots 15€/day

Snowshoes 20€/day

Skinbase skies 30€/day (Sliding snowshoes)

Poles 10€/day

Kicksled 10€/day

Stiga sled small 10€/day

Stiga sled large 15€/day

Sleigh for small children transport 20€/day

Covered small two-person transport sleigh 30€/day

Four-person transport sleigh 50€/day