Safaris info

- We carry out all our safaris and snowmobile transports with a weather reservation! 

- The price includes warm equipment and snacks. 

- We take care of the necessary snowmobile licenses. 

- You can also get meal services for your safaris from us.

- We also rent snowshoes, sliding snowshoes and kicksleds.

- Note! We rent snowmobiles only for use on our safaris.

A snowmobile safari through the wilderness to fell Halti is a unique experience. The duration of the safari is about 5 hours depending on weather condition.

Snowmobile safaris and transfers 

We organize snowmobile safaris to the top of Finland, fell Halti and the Meeko valley to the landscapes of beautiful wilderness. We also handle snowmobile transport to the fells. 

Inquire about transportation if you are going to the fells, for example freeriding or ice fishing. Note! If you have special wishes for your safari, tell us in time and we'll look at the route etc. together!

Winter fishing with nets

At nightfall, we go out onto the ice of a nearby lake to experience the winter fishing under ice with net. Net fishing under the ice is a way of fishing unknown to many. Here we show you how it's done in practice!

The late evening ice fishing with the nets under the ice of a dark lake is a fascinating expedition with exciting atmosphere!

Ice fishing

You can also try ice fishing next to the village on lake Kilpisjärvi. We will provide you with all the necessary equipment. 

Ice fishing safaris 

Come with us to the best fishing spots in wilderness lakes or right next to the village to lake Kilpisjärvi for arctic char, grayling and whitefish! Ice fishing trips further into the wilderness are whole day safaris. We leave in the morning and return in the evening.

The duration/price of the safari depends on the length of the trip and the number of participants and it is always agreed separately.

You can follow the northern lights in the warmth of a campfire on the Lake Tsahkal.

Northern lights safaris 

Kilpisjärvi offers great conditions for watching the northern lights. Here you can see and photograph the northern lights in a wonderful mountain landscape. We follow the weather and northern lights forecasts, according to which we then go aurora hunting.                               Good locations are for example, Lake Tsahkal and the border of the Three Nations.               It's nice to warm up on lake Tsahkal's campfire near the village while the northern lights are dancing in the sky!

Due to the rapidly changing weather conditions, it is recommended to inquire about northern lights safaris only a few days in advance, so that we can better predict the weather and northern lights forecasts for you. 

When returning from Kilpis "sightseeng", a wonderful landscape opens up to fell Saana and across Kilpisjärvi to the fells of Sweden and Norway.

Kilpisjärvi "sightseeing"

On a Kilpisjärvi "sightseeing" safari , you can see Kilpisjärvi landscape sitting comfortably on a sleigh. We go to the Three Nations border crossing, where you can visit Finland, Sweden and Norway with a few steps around the border post! From there, the safari continues to the scenery of fell Saana, Finland's most famous fell. We will pass the fell Saana on our way to lake Saanajärvi, where we will have a campfire and enjoy a snack. 

Note! Another option is to visit only Three Nations border or lake Saanajärvi. 

This safari is great for everyone and especially for families!

Other services

We also carry out small house/cottage renovations.  We also do land construction works Contact us and ask for more information!